Saturday, September 22, 2012

the wonderful pfaff bi-level top stitch foot sal ismail brought from germany

i went to sal's office to collect the babies last july.  sal has a nice office in putrajaya.

sal in her office

sal's office has a balcony.  nice.

when i returned home i just couldn't wait to try out my very own pfaff bi-level top stitch foot.

even rows of it

even on the wrong side.....lovely
i am so happy.....thank you sal.



  1. That looks really neat. I would like to try that foot on top stitching edges, I've seen that there is a RIGHT EDGE BI-LEVEL FOOT Pfaff Number 821007096, I think it would be easier with this one but cannot find anyone who sell's it online in England yet Most other Pfaff feet and accessories are available here, if you do ever have problems finding a needed part I'm sure one could be sent

    1. thank you for dropping by and really appreciate the infor. have a nice day. apologize that i took so long to respond.