Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the camisole prototype

the possibility is endless.

here i have a photo of my favourite tank top and another photo of my 1st prototype of the camisole.

this is my favourite tank top.  it is 100% cotton, knit fabric.
i have been wearing this top for the last 7 years or so.  i bought it at a thrift store.
i have no complaint except for the shoulders.  the angle of the slope is a bit off.  they do not lie flat on my shoulders.

this is my 1st prototype of the camisole.
i used two of my eldest son's old t-shirts.
the front panel is black.
the back panel is light purple.
the fit is definitely better.
see the difference?

the front panel and back panel are not cut on fold.  each half of the back panel and the front panel is cut individually on grain.  this makes it a lot easier to maneuver the pattern for cutting, especially when using recycle t-shirts and knit fabric.  further more, the centre back and centre front of the panel are curved to mimic the curve of a woman's body.  

will put this on the mannequin later.


camisole - the pattern

from the sloper (for stretch fabric) i drafted the pattern for my camisole.  here are the front and the back panels of the pattern.  this pattern is simpler to construct than the one with spaghetti straps.

the front panel

the back panel

the back and front panels
 next is making the prototype.


drafting a sloper for stretch fabric

this is a sloper i drafted recently.  it is used for making garments using stretch fabrics such as cotton jersey or any dance material.  this method recommends reduction of ease or -ve ease.  for this particular draft, i am using a 2% reduction.  as usual, i found the instruction on the net.  the instruction is in russian using the german drafting system.  

back panel

front panel

i purchased some cotton jersey from spotlight and i am planning to make a camisole, or a few camisoles.  once i am successful, i will be making a few more for my daughters.  comfortable cotton jersey camisoles would be a really nice inner-wear for day and night.

i am using recycle old t-shirt to make prototypes.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the grey dress....

this is the grey dress.  not pressed for photo shoot. using all-in-one facing.
fabric: sateen cotton, purchased online

front view
full length

back view

side view,
no gaping armhole
the bust point of the dress form is higher,  that's why the dart is a bit off.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

faaiz putting the t-shirt on to see if it fits

more photos to share :)

sleeves a bit too long.

sometime the recycled pieces are too short.
the result....colour blocking

3 pieces of old t-shirts get a new lease of life.

now to bind the neckline and to hem the sleeve.


2nd prototype, faaiz's t-shirt with the sleeve attached

using recycle old t-shirt that once belonged to his big brother, i made the 2nd prototype.   here are the photos.

sleeves attached

close-up, sleeve and shoulder seams,

close-up, shoulder seam

close-up, sleeve,
yep.  again, i am pleased with the result.


Monday, September 15, 2014

t-shirt pattern....now to recycle old t-shirts

found these on the net.  made a print out.

it is a pattern for making t -shirts for kids.

i have a bundle of old t-shirts and i am planning to up-cycle them to make new ones for faaiz and aman.

i cut out the neck and the sleeves, spread open the front and back panel, fold the pieces in half, length wise...making sure the grain is straight, traced the pattern with 1cm seam allowance all over. here are the photos of the 1st prototype.

this is faaiz.
it was his big brother's old t-shirt.

not bad looking eh?
 yep.  i am happy with the results.

will produce another prototype with sleeves and share the photos with you.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

the completed sleeveless dresses: a number of dry runs

in trengganu....with beloved hubby upon arrival at the primular beach resort.

knee length,worn underneath a loose sweater, and a full long skirt
material: korean cotton purchased online

a formal dinner with beloved hubby, at the royal chulan.

full length, worn over a long sleeve cotton t-shirt, and a full long skirt.
material: sateen cotton purchased in mecca
the dress
enjoyed making them.  love wearing them.

i have made a few more.  will be sharing more photos soon.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

the favourite dress, spotted at BTB 2209, the famous keropok lekor joint in bukit tok beng, t'ganu

the cotton sleeveless dress, worn over a long sleeve cotton t-shirt and a long cotton skirt.  loving it and it's so comfortable.

close ups of the sleeveless dress that was completed a few months ago.

all-in-one facing,
wrong side,

all-in-one facing,
a wrong side,

right side,

right side,

the dress


faaiz's trousers.....

the 1st muslin from the pattern drafted on 7 sept 2014.

will be attaching an elastic waistband for fitting.  once it is ok, i will make another muslin with a zipper fly.  

using polyester fabric

again...not bad eh?


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

i am making trouser for my sons...

aman is 11,  faaiz is 9.  i have been having problems buying trousers or jeans that fit them well.  the waist are always too big.  so i decided to make them myself.

i googled and found these on the net.  i print them out and used google translate to read the instructions.

these are the photos of the pattern and part of the instruction that i printed out.

yes.  they are in russian.

and these are the pattern that i drafted for faaiz and aman.



i spent a total of 2 days. it was not easy.  but i nailed it in the end.  and i am so pleased.

i apologise....the photos are a bit blurry.

i will be drafting one for my eldest son  and one for my husband.

then i will be making some prototypes.  here is the prototype.