Thursday, March 22, 2018

my watercolour adventure

yes, thesewingroomdiva have not been posting here for almost a year.  well, a lot has been going on since her last post.  we have started giving patternmaking lessons at the studio in puchong and i have started watercolour painting again while caring for a darling family member who has fallen ill a few months ago.  alhamdulillah, he is  well again.

i practise daily, several times a day and i love it.  unlike making garments, my watercolur creation takes shape almost instantaneously right in front of my eyes.  not that i am no longer in love with garment making, i still do, very much.  it is just that sometimes instant gratification gives you the boost that you need to start your day.  just like breakfast.

here are some of my watercolour painting.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017

hello 2017

first entry for 2017

let me share the best nine 2016 of design by thesewingroomdiva

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

the elsa dress for dr nisak

this is a dress that was made especially for her graduation.

it was a made-to-measure item.  the fabric is cotton.

design by thesewingroomdiva.

pattern cutting and construction by thesewingroomdiva

worn on her graduation day

at w.i.p stage, the wudu' friendly sleeve

at w.i.p stage, zipper installation on the back panel

at w.i.p stage, the front panel, bodice and skirt


a photo posted by dr nisak, taken in a photo studio in bangalore, india

would you like to make one for yourself.  lessons are availble.  made-to-measure is also welcome.  send your email to for details.

happy sewing,

Friday, January 15, 2016

the elsa dress

the 12 emerald dresses was a huge project for me in 2015.  when i was designing the patterns for the emerald dresses i kept in mind that the wearers need to look good and feel comfortable when wearing those dresses.  the dresses were to be worn for at least 6 hours and they would be having a frantic day making sure that the wedding reception run smoothly.

so i decided on making them using deep coloured cotton satin.  the style needed to be simple and fuss free.  for the girls i designed an elsa inspired waisted dress, with front yoke, princes cut bodice, sleek long zipped ended sleeve and full skirt.  for the girls' mamas i designed a loose princes cut dress with sleek long zipped ended sleeve too.

i made a few prototypes for the girls for them to test drive.  their feedback on the look and feel of the dress were used to adjust the patterns in order to obtain a well fit made to measure garment for each of the wearer.

below was my first prototype.  i made it for alya.

it was a success.  alya loves this dress and wanted to have a few more made for her.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More photos on the emerald dresses

more emerald dresses......
pattern drafted by thesewingroomdiva
constructed by thesewingoomdiva

my alya, my lisa, my nieces and my sister and the emerald elsa dresses

my sister and the emerald elsa dress

my lisa and the emerald elsa dress

my niece and my lisa with the emerald elsa dresses

all 12  of the emerald dresses

very comfy :)

yep, we really like them

my lisa and my niece with their emerald elsa dresses

the siblings and the bride and the nieces

my alya, my niece and my sisters and their emerald elsa dresses


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

one of the projects for 2015, 12 sets of long dresses for a wedding reception

they are made to measure pieces.  made out of cotton satin in emerald green.

each pattern is drafted from scratch.  designed and constructed by me.

my lisa and her dress

my lisa and her dress

my lisa, my alya and their cousins

my lisa, my alya and their cousins

my lisa, my alya, my dwan, their cousin, their aunts and their uncle

i love making them.  i am so pleased with the results.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

long sleeve top

after so long.

this is one of my projects for 2015.

i drafted the pattern with front yoke that absorbed half of the front shoulder dart value.  and installed exposed zippers onto the sleeves.

exposed zipper on sleeve

will share more photos on current projects.


Saturday, February 28, 2015

the first entry for 2015, private classes with thesewingroomdiva, presenting a patchwork quilted tote bag by tyra

tyra came to the class during her semester break recently.  she started the class with learning how to make felt key chains.  then she moved on to make the patchwork quilted tote bag .

the classes were run in the morning of 2 hourly slots on mondays and thursdays as she has another part time job in the afternoon.

the bag is a made to measure.  she decides on the look of her bag and the dimension of the bag.  it was a 8" drop of the strap because she wants to be able to fish for the stuff inside the bag while hoisting it on her shoulder.  she wants a 4" depth with 13" width and 16" height.  and a zipped pocked attached to the lining of the bag for her mobile phone, at the position that is easy for her to access,

tyra is a very good student....a fast learner,........stayed focus with the task at hand.......bersungguh. is a great pleasure to have a student like her.

her work is so neat and i am very impressed with the result.  here...look for yourself.  her zipper installation is so neat and she has never installed a zipper before.  i showed her how to do it once and she did it at one go.

a job very well done tyra :) thank you and  hope to see you during your next semester break.