Tuesday, August 26, 2014

baju kurung moden that i made for alya and lisa, eid 2014

more photos of the baju kurung moden for alya and lisa.

i prefer making baju kurung moden rather than traditional baju kurung.  i think it gives more space to experiment on my creativity.  i am trying to incorporate raglan sleeves into the baju kurung moden in my next project.  alya prefers a looser armhole. i learn that a bigger armhole for set in sleeve will result in more restrictive arm movement.

easy care cotton for alya

love d sleeve

love d sleeve

made the long skirt with a kick back flare.
alya's rocking it while lisa and their cousin looked on.
lisa's pink sateen cotton baju kurung is teamed with a paneled long skirt.

pink cotton sateen for lisa
lovely!  easy care cotton.
the fabric for alya's baru kurung is the top one.
the one in the middle is for my sister.

i will share photos of the paper patterns of the dress and the skirt, in the next post, insha Allah.

watch this space.


Monday, August 25, 2014

baju kurung moden for alya, eid 2014

this is the kurung moden i made for alya.  it's cotton.  will be posting more photos of this baju kurung and the one i made for lisa.  and the paper pattern that i drafted using their current measurements.

front view

back view