Saturday, February 28, 2015

the first entry for 2015, private classes with thesewingroomdiva, presenting a patchwork quilted tote bag by tyra

tyra came to the class during her semester break recently.  she started the class with learning how to make felt key chains.  then she moved on to make the patchwork quilted tote bag .

the classes were run in the morning of 2 hourly slots on mondays and thursdays as she has another part time job in the afternoon.

the bag is a made to measure.  she decides on the look of her bag and the dimension of the bag.  it was a 8" drop of the strap because she wants to be able to fish for the stuff inside the bag while hoisting it on her shoulder.  she wants a 4" depth with 13" width and 16" height.  and a zipped pocked attached to the lining of the bag for her mobile phone, at the position that is easy for her to access,

tyra is a very good student....a fast learner,........stayed focus with the task at hand.......bersungguh. is a great pleasure to have a student like her.

her work is so neat and i am very impressed with the result.  here...look for yourself.  her zipper installation is so neat and she has never installed a zipper before.  i showed her how to do it once and she did it at one go.

a job very well done tyra :) thank you and  hope to see you during your next semester break.


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